Online Studio: Access to my On Demand Video Library

Want to squeeze in a little bit of movement or mindfulness into your busy day? My Online Studio contains full length workouts for members only, make sure to sign up for full access or log in if you are already a member.

Foam Rolling

Roll out tension and muscle tightness with self massage and myofascial release. On Demand access exclusive to members.

Foot Fitness

Massage techniques and active warm ups for happier feet. These videos are a MUST if you want to improve your movement practice!

Meditations & Breathwork

Guided meditations and breathing exercises to create a sense of calm and peace within.


Looking to build resiliency? Yoga is the perfect way to build strength and increase flexibility, both mentally and physically.


Pilates is a low impact physical fitness program designed to increase strength (especially core strength!) and improve posture. Pilates classes are coming soon!


Barre combines my two favorite practices (yoga and Pilates) with fun ballet inspired movement for dancers and non-dancers alike.

Looking for one on one coaching in mindfulness or movement?

Have questions that an audio recording can’t answer?

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