Preparing for the National Pilates Certification Exam

Y’all I am on cloud nine right now 🙂 Yesterday I passed the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) exam to become a certified Pilates teacher. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve taken the leisurely route to becoming certified. I took two years to finish all 500 hours of my teacher training with Club PilatesContinue reading “Preparing for the National Pilates Certification Exam”

Working with a Neutral Spine in Pilates

One of the most common cues you will hear me say in my classes (Pilates and all the other formats I teach too), is to “find your neutral” and to “maintain your neutral spine,” but what exactly does neutral spine mean and why is it important? Neutral spine roughly translates to “good posture,” however theContinue reading “Working with a Neutral Spine in Pilates”

Creating your own “At Home” Gym

As stay at home orders are in full effect, many of us are trying to convert corners of our bedrooms or living rooms into makeshift home gyms, signing up for all the free “challenges,” and obsessively following online fitness programs (No? Maybe that’s just me). If you’re seasoned to social distancing and well accustomed toContinue reading “Creating your own “At Home” Gym”

A little more about me,

Hi! Welcome everyone 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog. Maybe you’re one of my students at Cal Poly Pomona, a member of one of the Club Pilates studios I teach at, or maybe you stumbled upon me while scrolling through Instagram, either way I’m glad you’re here! My vision for this blog is toContinue reading “A little more about me,”

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